Friday, July 14, 2006

Random Thoughts and OKC

Yesterday, DS#2 and I went to a local diner for dinner because DH went to a BBQ with the temple's brotherhood. A man walked in with a little girl and for a second I thought I recognized him as someone I spent my summers with at Lebanon Country Club. All of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach. Last year, at a friend's bat mitzvah, this man's nephew was sharing the moment and he was there. This man has a twin brother that I was friendlier with. His sisters are also twins and one was my counselor and the other was my sister's. My friend, Jeff, was very happy to see me when we had a mini reunion last year. When I went over to Mike, he was so rude and cold. I kept wondering what did I do wrong? I never said anything to his sister, who is a member of my temple but it did disturb me. Anyway, there was Mike in the diner. I had to decide whether to ignore him or to say hello. I couldn't believe me, Robin, was having a confidence crisis. I decided that I was going to say hi and the worst he could do is be unfriendly...again. As DS#2 and I were leaving I stopped by and said hello. We introduced our kids to each other and he joked around with my son about the Yankees. He even remembered that we saw each other recently but I guess he doesn't remember being unfriendly. I'm glad I said hello. Maybe he was having a bad day that day, a fight with his wife or relative, who knows? Maybe it was me but he's over it.

Seeing Mike made me feel that I aged so much. True, we were friends when we we all 11 up to 17 or 18. It made me feel like a fart. I talked to DH about it and he told me he thinks I'm still beautiful. How nice. Somebody wants something! I have to get my edge back. I'll work on it. Doctor's orders.

Okay, so this is the hipknitta blog so I have to put some obligatory knitting content (OKC). I am working on my socks. I'll post a picture when I finish the first one.

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