Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Sock Done

We visited DS#1 at camp this past weekend and it was a great, albeit rainy day. I was so excited to see him. We actually saw him Friday night when we had to drop off DS#2 because they allowed siblings to sleep over. DS#1 treated him so beautifully! He made him feel so special. DH and I went to Tanglewood that night where Mozart was playing and I knitted until it got too dark to see the navy blue yarn.

The next day we arrived at 8:30 and the camp was in the playhouse having their morning sing. The words of the songs were projected onto a screen. They sang everything from Beatles to James Taylor to Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline) to goofy songs about meatballs. Then we hung out, played basketball, tennis, ate lunch, and attempted a parent/camper softball game but it poured! So it was back to the bunk where we found out that there were a bunch of leaks. Then when it stopped raining it was time to go! It was hard for me to leave. DS#1 had his arms around us the whole day. He told us that he didn't want us to leave but he understood that we did have to go. I felt that I was going through that whole missing process again like when he first left back in June.

On the way home we stopped at some local farmstands and bought sunflowers, blueberries, cherries and peppers. DS#2 discovered the world of flea markets and junk shops. He bought baseball cards there and DH told him that they may actually be worth something. He was bitten by the bug. DH and I use to troll antiques stores around the area before kids. I now see that it's in the genes!

SO, I finished my sock using a different pattern for the heel and gusset. It came out fine. I'll wear them. Them? Oops! I have to knit another one.

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