Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Grand Re-Opening

I read in a previous entry that I opened this up to the public. That was news to me. Why have I been so shy? I don't care what people see. It's another side of me, that's all. What have I been doing with my knitting? First, I made a little pocket money selling 7 hats in a store. Not bad. I'm not going to get rich from it but it was very flattering to know that people will pay money for my knitting! It definitely boosted my confidence! I gave the store owner some holiday hats to look over. I have to call her tomorrow to see if she is interested in them. I made 2 newborn sizes: one was a Christmas hat and the other was a Chanukah one. That one was done in navy blue with silver fun fur around it!

I am working on Iris Schrier's Square Holes Sweater from her Modular Knitting book. I'm getting close to finishing the left front. I'm really enjoying this project. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is fun. Some of my students today told me that I was in a gang called the Ladies Knitting Gang. I told them that the name of my gang was the Hipknittas. They thought that was the funniest thing they ever heard. I've got jokes!

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AmyS said...

Hi Robin! I couldn't resist Googling your blog when you let the name of it drop in your latest post on the Group. Keep on posting, and don't forget some photos. I'm dying to see what this square holes sweater looks like.