Monday, December 25, 2006

Awake and Alone on Christmas Morning

Everyone is asleep. We went to bed very late last night after a fun time with our friends who must visit the Jewish deli every year. Gifts were exchanged, we all ordered in moderation and then home for tea and coffee. DS#2 wanted me to watch and Austin Power's movie with him. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I will probably fall asleep while watching it but I tried. For some strange reason I was able to pop out of bed, make myself my English Breakfast tea, watch the Today Show and check e-mails. I'm now thinking about my knitting.

I have to finish a preemie cap. I made a little kit with some cool yarn that I used to make my niece a sweater with when she was born. It's stretchy and bright. I plan on trying to make a few to give to my guild. My kids were born full term, big and healthy. I can't imaging what these parents go through when they have a premature baby. I just hope my little hats keep those little heads warm so they can thrive and grow. square holes sweater. This project was put on hold so I can frantically knit the Hebrew teachers' scarves and the 3rd grade secular teacher one, too. I must have mentioned dozens of times on Knit Talk that I was such an idiot! I'm just glad it's over. Now to get back to my stuff however, I really enjoyed those quickie projects.

So, on Christmas morning, I am relishing the quietness of the house, I feel the need for another cup of tea, and the need to finish that little preemie hat that was interrupted by other things. Peace.

P.S. I finished 2 hats. Here's a picture of them. Yes, that is an acorn squash and a clementine!

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