Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Confidence in My Knitting

Why is is that knitters seem to downplay their talents? When someone would compliment something I made, I would respond with, "Oh, it was nothin!" Is it because I can't take a compliment? Attention being paid to something I made in my house may not merit the same attention to a "real" object of art? I was feeling this way for a long time. Then I realized that it was spreading to my family. When my husband's co-worker had a son, I told him that I would knit 3 fruit caps for the baby in 3 different sizes. "Is that enough of a gift?" he asked. Hmmm, maybe he was right. I ran to the store and got a cute photo album/frame thing. Then it dawned on me that those hats could be worth a lot of money in a store. Why did I cave and get something else? It made it seem that my hats weren't good enough.

I ran into a woman I know from my temple in AC Moore. She was buying different types of yarn because she knits scarves and sells them for $40 - $60 each! My mouth hung open. I came home somewhat agitated because I could do something like that and I know I'm a better knitter than her. (Okay, a little competition here but I don't think she knows how to make anything but a scarf!) My husband told me to make something and sell it. Naah, I couldn't do it until...

The wife of my husband's co-worker called me. She's opening a children's store that features handmade item. Could I knit up some hats for her to sell? I felt that old voice in my head say, "Who's going to pay for them? They're just hats I could whip up in a matter of hours?" I shut the voice up and said, "I'll do it!" I knitted 10 hats for her, had them delivered via the husbands, and lo and behold, seven sold! I became a "professional"! My whole attitude changed. My knitting is worth something. Even though those hats were simple, there are many people out there who CAN'T knit and are willing to buy my knitting! I even sold 2 to a friend of mine at school however I did give her a special discount. She told me the hats were so well received. It made my day!

Now I'm working on some stuff to send to her to see if she would like it for her store. In the past, I would hem and haw about it. Now I feel as if I grew a set of, well, you know...nothing can stop me now! When I get compliments on my stuff, I don't downplay my talent. I say thank you and smile!


AmyS said...

Good for you!! This is a great story in so many ways. Keep up the good work. :o)

Anonymous said...

Robin, I've had the same thoughts. Three year ago, I brought some scarves to a street fair and timidly offered them for sale at a friend's candy booth. They flew off the table and I even received a prepaid special order! The feedback/comments I received from buyers were SO encouraging! I've been selling every year since and this last year on my own. It's a big confidence boost to know my creative work is valued and appreciated by others. Those who don't knit are in total awe of what we do and so very appreciative of well-made, handmade goods---we have to understand that and be proud of our talents! Yea for you!