Sunday, December 31, 2006

All is Quiet on New Year's Eve...

How hip are you? Do you know where the title comes from? (The real words are "All is Quiet on New Year's Day") It is the end of the month and the year and what a year it has been. I was on a sabbatical from teaching from February to July (that's how long my salary was reduced!), took some incredible courses, my father had a heart attack, a friend of mine died from malignant melanoma and left 2 kids the same ages as mine, my mother's friend's husband died suddenly, my Aunt Ruthie died, I had my bat mitzvah, my fake Aunt Bernice died, Ben went to sleep away camp, Elijah had a wonderful time being the only child at home during the summer, we're planning Ben's bar mitzvah, I transitioned back to school in September without any problem, DH has gout, and I know there were a lot more things but I can't think of them right now (and I'm sure you are all saying, "Thank God!")

And then there was the knitting...socks, scarves, some baby things, knitting for Iris Schreir (that was fun and exciting), selling my knitting in The Lily Pad (a big deal for this girl!), and winding up with charity knitting (preemie caps and a blanket).

The only thoughts that come to mind for the new year is that there will be peace in the world. No more killing, no more genocide. I also wish for good health for my family and friends, financial security, a 30 lb. weight loss for me, a larger one for DH, and that my children will always love me no matter how much we annoy each other!

I wish for everyone a very happy and healthy and safe new year. We're off to go to our friends across the street (basically because they have a big screen TV) but we have some delicious vittles to share. We don't like to drive on this night so this has become a wonderful tradition. Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2007!


AmyS said...

Wow, reading it all put together like that, you've had quite a year! I remember each of those things as they happened (or at least, the ones I read about) but I didn't realize the impact of the total. May 2007 bring you many wonderful blessings, and all the things you've wished for!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a list of "events" for you and your family! Isn't there an old saying that the trials and tribulations of life make us stronger people? Hopefully, 2007 will be a little less eventful. Happy New Year Robin!