Friday, August 03, 2007

Harry Potter Socks are Finished

Good thing I shaved my legs. Here is one of the Horcrux Socks from Six Socks KAL. See that lightning shaped lacework? That's Harry's scar! I used Trekking XXL that I bought in Twin Hearts, that beautiful knitting store I went to when I was in The Berkshires. I forgot how enjoyable and satisfying it is to knit socks. I thought I did these pretty quickly. I started them last weekend and voila! Here they are! Off to the next project. More socks? Another shawl? A cardigan? Stay tuned. Stay bat time. Stay bat blog.


Nutrageous! said...

Beautiful! You sure are fast. They look great in gray and black.

Robin said...

Thank you! You turned me on to them! Thanks again!