Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Capri Shawl

Here is my Capri Shawl knitted in laceweight from Moorehouse Farms. The pattern also came from them. I bought this at the 2006 NYS Sheep & Wool Festival. I started it and then kept putting it done. I should correct myself. I must have started this about 5 times before I was able to finally get the right count. Ben's bar mitzvah made knitting this impossible because I couldn't concentrate but afterwards, it went along fine. Actually, I should give Ben some credit here. He told me that I should enter it in the Grange Fair which is held in early September and that would motivate me to finish it. The kid can be pretty brilliant sometimes. (He's actually very bright, I have to listen more!) Even though lace can be somewhat annoying and difficult, the blocking process makes it all worth it. This shawl opened up beautifully.

I must be honest that when I started knitting it I did not love the colorway. I immmediately thought about giving it away. Now, I can see wearing it. The colors remind me of this area in the fall. We have to cross a reservoir when going to temple and the water is similar to the blue, the trees are the browns and grays and finally the leaves are the orange. See? Hudson Valley Autumn! I must add that our guest bathroom was influenced by this yarn. The walls are a beautiful antique blue which is a complement to the mandarin red granite countertop. We had a very hard time getting colors to coordinate until I whipped out the colorwheel and realized that the yarn had the same colors. Don't tell my husband that the yarn influenced the colors in there!

This picture is just a close up of the center triangle. That was my favorite part to do! Enjoy!

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