Monday, August 27, 2007

For a Brief Moment, I Wished I Was Her!

We were at the West Palm Beach Airport coming home from a week long vacation. We spent 4 intense days at Disney World and 3 1/2 lazy days at my parents. I was looking forward to getting home to get myself ready for my return to work. While waiting on line to check in, there she was. This woman was perfectly coiffed and dressed and looked as cool as a cucumber. She was wearing dark aqua jeans with a darker ribbed tank. On top of that was a matching argyle cardigan. Her hair was perfect. Her make-up was perfect and not melting. Her fingernails and toes were perfectly manicured. I looked down on my dry feet with the one toe with the broken nail. I looked at my fingernails that were crying out for a manicure but I won't get one until I finish stuff around the house. I had only mascara and eyeliner on because I didn't want to melt in the Florida heat. I was envious of this woman's "put-togetherness". She didn't have to open her suitcase like I did to redistribute the weight to another one. So what if the whole line saw last night's underwear? Will they ever see me or the panties again? I don't think so.

What does this all mean? I guess I admire people who are totally put together when I'm not. I admire the colors she wore. I wondered about what type of house she lived in. She probably had a housekeeper and a nanny. I can hear her high heels clicking on the tiled floors and the air fills with her perfume as she passes by. In my house, my boys and husband smell my perfume on my pillow. I don't wear heels in the house. I wear Crocs or flip flops. I'm glad I was envious of her. It woke me up a bit and made me realize that I should always put my best foot forward...physically and mentally.
Thanks, stranger!

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