Thursday, September 08, 2005

I decided to start a blog because I realized I had things to say that wasn't allowed on the Yahoo lists I belong to. I can understand the listmoms' point of view. The last warning I received, and it wasn't anything bad, just a bit off topic, got me thinking that I can write this stuff on a blog. I am.

As the name of this blog implies, I am a knitter. I love to knit. Sometimes I knit so much my arm hurts a bit! There's something about knitting and the world of fiber that just centers me and I am sure a lot of other knitters/crocheters or yarn artists agree. I take my knitting everywhere. I feel naked if I don't have a project with me just in case an opportunity arises where I can knit. I don't mind waiting for doctors because I have my knitting. Meetings are more bearable if I have my knitting. Driving in the car with me as a passenger is great because I have my knitting. Baseball, soccer and basketball practices are more bearable because I bring my knititng. I believe you get the idea.

My family, DH and 2 sons, 7 & 11, have come to understand my obsession and I believe they are proud of it. They are the recipients of a lot of my knitting except for DH. I really have to make him something but he keeps telling me to wait until he loses weight. I'm still waiting (weighting).

I work full time as a resource teacher in an urban high school. I reluctantly started work again on Tuesday but I had my knitting. I sat through faculty and department conferences and knitted and listened. I make myself participate so that people see that I can multitask. Can't most people do that?

I'm going to end here. My first blog entry. Goodnight!

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