Friday, September 09, 2005

A Funny Coincidence

Today I decided to tell DH that I had a message banned from the KnitList and that I started my own blog. The man didn't know what a blog was but he was a bit surprised that my message wasn't allowed. He thought I wrote something really bad. I explained about going a bit off topic but you know what? I always wrote a narration of some kind that led to the knitting content. I had people e-mailing me telling me how much they enjoy my posts and look forward to hearing about my kids, my students, my life, etc. But now the KnitList wants knitting content only. I can definitely understand that some of us do ramble and some do go into great detail about diseases and stuff but that's how we got to know each other. There is one woman who I know who is chronically ill and when she mentions a few lines about her illness, I send her a message asking about her health. We have become "friends" in cyberspace. There are others whose names I would recognize and look for when I scroll through the digests because I enjoy their posts. Heck, I remember winning the prize for the Most Unusual Place You Have Knitted In on the list. (Locked in a bathroom at a Weight Watchers Center!) Even my parents were proud of that dubious honor!

Today I got an invitation to join another knitting-related list called Knit Talk. They want to be a community of knitters the way the KnitList use to be. I think it's a coincidence considering I just started this blog because I felt I coiuldn't express myself on the KnitList the way I use to. I think I'll join because it's a bit rebellious. If I don't like it, I'll just unsubscribe!

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