Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's April Already?

Where have I been? Time had just flown and I have neglected my poor blog. Obviously I don't have a big following because no one has complained. Maybe that will change.

The big events in the house are that Ben will be attending college in the fall. We are very proud that he got into every college and into 4 honors programs. But like everything else going on in the world today, the economy was the deciding factor of his choice. The scholarship money he received just wasn't enough to make some of these universities affordable. We live in a state where the state university system is incredible. He got accepted to the two top colleges and finally decided on the smaller one. I think wherever he went he would do fine. He's that type of person: friendly, flexible, loves to learn. However, he has been doing some naughty things so if he doesn't change that behavior, the local community college may be the start of his college career.

But let's not talk about things that totally stress me out. Let's talk about KNITTING! I had a knitting mojo issue last month. I just lost the desire to pick up the needles and knit. I don't know why but I was so happy when it finally passed (like a kidney stone?). I just started to knit small things like baby hats and booties for the man who cuts my hair. He just had twin grandchildren (boy and girl). It was a big effort for me to get those little items done. Then I started to knit jewelry. The results were great. I "test-drove" the pieces and the comments were very positive. Now I'm knitting socks for Neal. I have all this sock yarn that I bought from WEBS. It's time to start using up that stash. I also have the Catkin shawl started but I had to put it down. I just wasn't concentrating enough to get through the pattern. I will pick it up when I feel it's the right time. (I know you knitters understand this!)

My knitting group is still going strong. What an great bunch of people! We really enjoy each other's company and are very supportive of each other for knitting and nonknitting issues. Love my bitches!

So keep on knitting!

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Adele said...

I have missed your blog, but I've been keeping up with you through KnitTalk. Glad you finally posted again. Whenever I go for a week or so without blogging, one of my children or siblings calls my attention to it.

Adele in far western KY