Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello Everyone

Happy Belated New Year! I still haven't sent out our holiday picture greeting cards that wish everyone Peace and Happiness in the new year. This hipknitta has been very busy. I have said it before and I will say it again: My job gets in the way of my life. Work has been taking up the majority of my time. You can tell by the way my house looks. Did you know that tornadoes come up to Yorktown Heights? Did you know they only come into my house? Some weather phenomenom, huh?

Then my knitting has fallen by the wayside. Again I have to blame it on work. Those damn lesson plans! I want my students to really understand the material. I have be come a power point addict. I need to add pictures to explain the concepts. remember when we were in school and the only pictures of ameba or paramecium were illustrations. Well, now you can get the real thing on line! I guess I'm trying to impress myself! BTW, I just got observed by the interim acting principal on last day of classes. Thank you to my 3rd period class for doing a great job! However, I still haven't had my post-observation conference with him. I guess if I did poorly, he would have wanted to see me right away, right?

Back to the knitting: that's the reason why I started this blog, right? Tonight I finished a gorgeous baby blanket that will be on etsy by tomorrow. It's in a gorgeous aqua color with a baby cable. I had the hardest time getting that last skein of yarn. I wasted a month going back and forth to AC Moore only to hear,"Come back next week." I did and was disappointed each time. Evidently they have an automated restocking program that doesn't pay attention to what the customer wants. So I found it through a mail order company and received it a week later. Yeah!

Our Northern Westchester Stitch 'N Bitch is still going strong. Our gatherings have been a bit smaller than usual but you know what? I love when we are a small group. We can hear the conversation and talk to each other on the same topic. We really are a great bunch of knitters with such diverse backgrounds. I decided that we all have our quirks but they work well together. What an amazing group of knitters.

2012 has a lot going on: Presidential Election, 2 graduations in our family, Shadow's 4th know, those really important things. I'll try to keep posting.

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