Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A November Post

I don't love November. I love Thanksgiving but I don't love November. The trees become bare and gray. I miss the green leaves. The leaves litter the lawns. I miss the green grass. We have daylight savings time. I hate when it gets dark early but as my husband likes to remind me: Once it's winter, the days start to get longer minute by minute. All I want to do is come home after work and hunker down. I miss the warm sunshine and the brightness of the foliage. Maybe I have a slight case of seasonal affect disorder. Maybe I just prefer spring and summer.

With the advent of colder weather, one thing is for certain. I knit with my warm wool and make heavy duty sweaters. I don't mind the warm-weighted project on my lap. It keeps me warm, like Shadow. My pup spent the morning lying on my lap while I listened to my radio show "10 at 10" and read a book. I love having a work day off! Thank you, Veterans. So what if my fingers are cracking with the cold, dryer weather? Who cares that I'm wearing a sweatshirt around the house to keep the chill off my always cold shoulders? What's another dead leaf to pick up after it's blown into my front entrance? So what if my steering wheel is cold in the morning and I wished I had a pair of gloves to wear? What about that frost on the car? Huh? When's spring arriving?

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Elna said...

OH I hear ya sister, I too hate November, and looove our loooong Scandinavian summerdays