Sunday, March 15, 2009

Body Language

Today our temple's brotherhood sponsored a breakfast featuring a speaker who is an expert on body language. After a delicious meal, executed by my husband, the main chef, we listened to this man talk about his life and how body language "speaks" volumes about the person. My main concern was how should I sit while listening to him speak without him thinking about my body language. OR was I really over-analyzing the situation and just sit the way I wanted to sit? Finally, I pulled out my knitting and decided that this was exactly the way I wanted to be!


AlisonH said...

As a hearing-impaired person who relies a lot on nonverbal cues, may I say that was the perfect thing to do! Because, knitting in hand, you'd be relaxed, you'd be following the speaker closely, and you'd be enjoying yourself. Well done.

zjg said...

yes....sit comfortable--knit...enjoy. I do, and I also knit in church. Our pastor has never said a word--some have asked me what I'm man has complained that I'm not paying attention...I'm NOT...paying attention to HIM. Glad to see your blog active again--how about updating pix of the puppy? -zj-/florida