Saturday, January 09, 2016

Quick Knitting For This Hipknitta

I've been busy and neglectful of my blog. But I've been knitting. My friend was selling some of her stash and let me tell you, she had a lot to sell which made me realize that she probably had tons more that she wasn't selling. I picked up two skeins of Noro Kuryeon for $5.00 each. One was #149 which looks like this:
and the other was #102 which looks like this:

I decided to make the Maine Morning Mitts designed by Clara Parks. One pair is for Ben and the other is for his girlfriend. (I like this one!) This is a quick and satisfying knit. It goes so fast. I finished one mitt in about 2 hours. I highly recommend this pattern. Now, the purpose of this pattern is to use it with yarns like Noro which are beautuful yet a bit expensive. The two mitts will not be identical because you are using only one skein of the yarn. That's how Clara designed this pattern. If you need to have both mitts identical, you would have to buy two skeins of the same color. I finished one of the girlfriend's mitts last night and will do the other one today. It's a small project so you can carry it around with you. I highly recommend this. It's on Ravelry.If you look on my project page, hipknitta, you will see one of Ben's mitts.

Happy New Year. Happy Knitting.

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