Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I'm An Artist!

I don't consider myself an artist. I guess I can be called a fiber artist because I do create with fiber but I think of an artist as someone who paints, sculpts, or makes big-ass things. Today I was called an artist...by an artist. It's amazing how that label made me feel. I stood up straighter and all of a sudden felt part of a larger group of creative people. I ran into a woman, Donna, who I know from various teams my sons and her son have been on together. Donna is an artist. She has studio space outside of her home. She paints. She, in my world, is legit. She is funny and I am secretly in awe of her talents. But today, Donna called me an artist. We talked about selling stuff and getting holiday things ready now so we can sell them effortlessly at holiday time. But she called me an artist. She talked to me about a new website to sell my stuff. She asked about my knitting because that's what I did during those games we sat through. So I guess one doesn't have to paint, sculpt, or make big-ass things to be an artist. I sort of knew this but I never said it out loud. Donna did.

Walking away from our very pleasant time together, I felt very energized as if my creative energy was buzzing to get out. I felt lighter and empowered. Could these few words make such a difference? That's something for me to watch for.

I have been knitting like my life depends upon it. My hands missed holding those needles when I was studying for my last exam. I finished a small scarf called Helsinki and started a pair of socks for Ben's senior year. I feel so great when I am knitting. I've also been doing a lot more reading of blogs and websites about knitting. The internet is so perfect for that. It keeps me fresh and excited for my next project. I'm trying very hard NOT to get startitis. I'm keeping to a maximum of 2 knitting projects at one time.

I've also been reading like a fiend as well. Nothing too heavy but to hold a book that isn't about phlebotomy or EKG is a pleasure.

It's good to be back.

I'm an artist. Donna said so.


Merry Karma said...

You ARE an artist! /mk

Robin said...

Thank you! I see you are keeping up with me!