Monday, December 27, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

Hipknitta here. I've been sort of busy. My day job, the one that provides the money for my knitting, interfered with my blogging and knitting. That's okay. I knew that I will find the time eventually to blog and today's the day!

The East Coast was hit with a blizzard yesterday. It started to snow gently around 11:30 AM as I drove to the supermarket. Blizzard = shopping for groceries. Neal went to another supermarket and we ended up texting each other when we found that our designated stores were out of what was on our individual lists. Eggs were gone as was celery. We came home, put the stuff away and proceeded to cook. I made chicken soup and he made turkey chilli. My soup was put on the deck so that the fat will rise to the top. In no time it was covered with snow. The blizzard started. The winds screamed through the woods and the snow was falling horizontally. No one should have to go out in weather like that...unless you have a dog. Yes, the dog needed to go out so one with his sweater and bootees and he was off. I took for his earliest walk. He loved the snow. He came back with a white beard. Neal and Ben took him for the later walks. Both times he was reluctant to come back in the house. Amazing. Maybe he's part husky? Here he is getting ready to go out into the blizzard to "do his business" and yes, I made his hoodie!

So what has this hipknitta been up to since I last posted other than work? I entered my first crafts fair. It was a learning experience but the one thing that I learned was not to do it at a senior center. A lot of seniors thought that I should bargain with them. They somehow ignored the prices on my wares and to their disappointment, my prices were not negotiable. I did like the customers who picked up my items and said, "I'll take this!". I had three like that. Restored my faith in people who appreciate handmade and one-of-a-kind items. Check out my etsy page at I have a lot of new jewelry and a new rose-colored sweater and hat set. I'll have more coming. Just give me time.

In the meantime,I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are not suffering too much from the blizzard. Remember, here comes the sun!

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