Saturday, April 03, 2010

What Happened to March?

I can't believe it's April 3rd. I complete neglected my dear blog for an entire month. Can I think of anything that stands out in my memory? The only thing I can remember was that both of my boys were selected by their basketball coaches to play in the rec leagues' all-star game. That was a very proud moment for Neal and me.

I am presently on Spring break and seeing the light at the end of that Passover tunnel. This is not my favorite holiday but I'm surviving. It's not like I have to walk through a desert for 40 years or anything like that. At least the weather is nice. Shadow and I went for a long walk with his girlfriend Isabella. I love walking around with another dog.

Now to knitting: A woman at work is due next week. I have deemed her sweater-worthy. I found a cute pattern from Lion Brand and worked it in a blue cotton.I think it came out pretty well. I found some buttons today and I just need to block it. Then it will be all ready for the new baby. Today I gave our next door neighbors their baby gift. I made them a blue ice and chocolate swirl hat with matching booties. I hope they liked it. It's really for the fall. Their baby is adorable.

Did I mention that I'm still working on Neal's Cobblestone Pullover? I'm avoiding it more than working on it. I'm also knitting a pair of socks from Judy Sumner's absolutely cool book which uses Japanese patterns. I am so loving it.

My kids go back to school tomorrow. I still have two days off. I am going to go buy some shoes for some affairs we are invited to. Then I'll knit!

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