Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mid-Summer Rants and Raves

It is the two month anniversary of my very significant birthday. Here's a hint: I just made my colonoscopy appointment. Yum! It'll be okay. The prep isn't as bad as it use to be. BUT it's almost August and that means the summer is halfway through. I pause to think about what have I accomplished in these past 4 weeks. The answer is-NOT MUCH! I've made a big effort to get lots of sleep, at least 8-9 hours. I've started to become neater-when something is taken out it is put away when finished. I had my darling niece over for a sleepover and she and Shadow got along famously. (Neal thinks that the dog was thinking, "If you two didn't like her so much, I'd eat her!"), I cleaned Elijah's room and now I have to tackle Ben's. It's not as bad as in the previous years so it should take me a week instead of the usual two. I have been extremely creative with my knitting and other crafts so that's pretty fulfilling in my book. I've been reading like crazy. I cleaned the bottom of the den closet of my knitting stuff so I'm going to make a little crafty corner for myself in the basement. Since I'm home with the dog a lot, I feel a less sarcastic. I noticed that the dog doesn't get my jokes.

Raves: Monday morning knit-out
Thursday night knit-out
Eating from the freezer because Neal and I like everything
Having the time to make oatmeal with fresh blueberries
Letting Shadow nap on my lap for 45 minutes without having to rush anywhere
Getting all of my doctors' appointments scheduled at any time
Seeing the boys at camp and having a weekend away with Neal
Discovering TCM and watching tons of old movies
Realizing that I've got a crapload of yarn and projects to keep me busy
Rediscovering my knitting books that were in the back of the closet
Gazebo concerts in town
Listening to the radio all day

Rants: Messy dresser
Starting to feel that the summer is going to be over sooner than I want it to
People who aren't picking up after their doggies
Poor daytime TV which really is a blessing in disguise
Missing my boys
Going to bed too late sometimes
Not loving the wardrobe

Okay, nothing earth-shattering under the rant column but it needed to be said. Let's hope the next half of summer is longer than the first!

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