Sunday, April 05, 2009

Me and My Shadow!

I finally downloaded pictures of Shadow and the family. Here's one of us together. My hair use to be his haircolor! This was right after he was groomed at PetSmart on Poodle Day. He got a toy, which he ripped apart in less than an hour, and a bandana. We let him wear it for one day and then the damn thing disappeared somewhere in the house.

I'm making the pooch a sweater and finished knitting the whole thing. I just have to sew the bottom panel to the top and haven't had a moment to do it. Let's face it: I'd rather knit than sew. By the way, I did NOT make the sweater I'm wearing. I bought it years ago at TJ Maxx for $20! It's mohair and a steal as far as I'm concerned. You couldn't buy the yarn for $20!

My furry baby is taking a nap while I'm writing this. He's going to meet his red-headed cousin today. My niece is coming over just to meet him. She's 5 and it will be interesting how they get along.


Joan said...

What a cute baby and mommy looks very classy too. Our yellow Lab is really my DH's dog. All dogs take to him but he can play more with her than I can especially right now. He is the dog walker but Annie is a good companion although she likes him best!

BeadKnitter said...

Oh, your baby is adorable.

Your hair may have been the same color back then, but it sure is pretty now.