Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Me, Spinning? Hilltop Hanover Farm

On Saturday, November 15th, I went to a knitting retreat at Hilltop Hanover Farm. The invitation which was issued through my knitting guild invited seasoned knitters to an afternoon of knitting in rural Westchester. This farm is in my town. I don't consider our area rural but when I got there and looked around, it was rural. The county bought the farm to prevent it from being developed. There's lots of educational courses and activities going on all year round. (Click on the title which is linked to the farm's website)

It was a very miserable day. We were warned to wear warm socks because the building we were suppose to be in was going to be cold. The retreat was moved to the house. I walked inside and saw women spinning on their journey wheels. (I learned that word at the farm). There was our Edie using a drop spindle. Our Toni, Carol and Karen were knitting away. Toni, Carol and I were a bit curious about spinning. I brought the drop spindle we bought Ben about 6 years ago. I thought I would try to spin with it. Lucinda, who was the major spinner there, was showing Edie some basics. We decided we would ask her when she was done. She sat down at her wheel so we decided to let her spin. Edie then asked her to teach us. She gladly did. It had to be one of the most awkward and spastic moments of my life. I had a hard time getting it. Lucinda was so patient! It's been 4 days since the retreat and I haven't tried it again. Maybe next month. Shelley could spin.

Now for some pictures.

Here's Edie spinning happily.

Here's Karen working on the Harry Potter scarf. She is a new knitter.

Check out these spinning wheels.

Here are three lovely newbies to spinning: from left to right-Me, Toni and Carol

Lucinda is giving some words of encouragement. On the inside, I'm cursing that spindle! I was trying to convince her that some people are meant to spin and others are meant to just knit. Guess which category I fall into?

Even though the skies were gray, the atmosphere inside the room was very sunny. The retreat was considered a success by the turnout. This room was one with a view. When you looked outside the windows, you saw beautiful fields that seem to go on forever. Our group left @ 2:00. Carol and I parked near each other and as we were approaching our cars, a flock of hens starting coming toward us rather quickly. I told Carol that they probably think we have food. They were very comical so of course, I had to take pictures of them. I'm certainly looking forward to next month's retreat.

The attacking chickens.

One happy camper going home!


Wicked Stepmom said...

Those are two of the 5 guinea hens at the farm. They are very sociable, aren't they?! I volunteer at the farm on school holidays (with my kids) to care for these little ones and the 15+ chickens and roosters they have for their farm-based educational program.

The guineas follow us around like little puppies whenever we are there. ;)

I wish I could have joined everyone last Saturday, but was out-of-town. I'm a novice knitter, desperate to find other knitters who can teach me a thing or two! I've joined the yahoo group, but have yet to be able to join anyone in Panera's.

One of these days!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have pictured some guineas! My grandparents used to have some, and we all loved them. Thanks for the memories.