Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back from the Grange Fair

We just got home from the Grange Fair. I only wanted to go to pick up my Clapotis but once the boys got wind of my plans, it became a family affair. We got there pretty late and since this was the last day, many exhibits with livestock cleared out already. I went into the exhibition building and there was my baby with a 2nd place ribbon on it. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed because I thought the first prize went to a fuzzy scarf. Then I saw that the first prize went to a black lace shawl which was folded up. It had a more complex pattern than mine but it looked as if it had cat hair all over it. Anyway, I took a picture of my item and some stranger took a picture of me since my boys refused. There's always next year!

The one surprise that I did have was running into a student from the high school I work in. She graduated about 4 years ago and her sister lives in the area. She's working as an aide in a classroom, going to college and will be getting married next year. I was touched that she recognized me. I just wish I wasn't wearing my crocs! Here is the picture of me standing in front of the exhibit and of my Clapotis with the ribbon attached. The last picture reminded me of my boys eating!

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zgoodwin said...

congratulations on the ribbon---I think 2nd place is wonderful..AND, don't you realize, cat hair (on the 1st place item)is a FASHION STATEMENT (for those of us who own / show cats!) Really enjoy your humor...pix of your kids at the feeding trough, and pix of YOU--you are every bit as grand-lookin' as I thought you would be--the good lookin' hair/haircut just added to the effect! -zj-