Friday, October 26, 2007

Lebanon Country Club Musings

It was customary for city folks to take their families to a the bungalow colony in the Catskill region for the summer. I went to Lebanon Country Club in Highland Mills, NY during the 1960's and '70's. This place was so special to my family. We would talk about it as if it was a holy land. The memories we have from our summers spent there are triggered by sights, smells and sounds. The friends we made were the best ones we could have for the short time we lived there. We lived in very small bungalows giving up our spacious apartments and homes to breathe the fresh mountain air.

Someone started a google site for Lebanon. The news of it spread like wildfire and before I knew it we had a lot of members and the cyber-reunion began. It was wonderful. The old friends "talked" to each other and shared our memories as if we were in the same room. Then there was a problem so we all moved to another group and things were back to the way they were on the old site.

So why am I talking about this? I can't believe how this site and the reconnections I have made with these people have affected my life. I am remembering who I was way back when I was a little girl of 7 to a college bound student of 17. I forgot that I was more easy going back then because I didn't have the responsibilities that I have now. It reminded me to relax and not stress out; to laugh it off like we did when we hung out on the Red Roof together. I remember all of my insecurities and smile as I think how unimportant those same things are in my life now. I remember belonging to a group of friends who I couldn't wait to see every summer. I remember all the firsts that happened there and the feelings they stirred. I'm glad I can still feel them now.

In a very short time, these people have become a part of my life again. I expect to run into them everyday but I have to remind myself that we are all spread out over the country. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say and usually get my best laugh of the day from the group. Thanks for that.

So when there's a summer storm and you go outside right afterwards and smell the air, that's Lebanon. When your car travels on a gravel road and you hear the tires crunch on the gravel, that's Lebanon. When you smell a skunk at night, that's Lebanon. When you see a squashed frog in the middle of the road, yep, that's Lebanon. When you hear a song from the '60's & 70's that was one the jukebox in the concession, that's Lebanon. When you sing a colorwar to your children and remember all the words, that's Lebanon.

Thanks you guys!

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