Friday, April 20, 2007

My Constant Companion

I have had a successful felting episode! I was nervous putting all the pieces of this bag into the hot, hot water and letting it agitate with a pair of old jeans but I had to have faith that everything would work out alright. My previous felting experience wasn't a very good one. I didn't put anything in the washer to help felt it so my swatch came out lopsided. The yarn for this project was Patons Classic Wool which I got from AC Moore about 3 years ago!

Anyway, here are the pictures of my bag: from before felting to the final product!
This is the body of the bag and the I-cord handle before felting.
These are my swatched which later became pockets. I used patterns from Slip Stitch Knitting. I loved this method!
Here's the finished bag with the outside pocket.
This is the bag inside-out. These are my inside pockets. Since I take my knitting to my son's practices, there's room for my cell phone and his Epi-pens.

I used the blanket stitch to attach the pockets. I brought it to work and got rave reviews! I'll definitely try felting again! Also, I found out that the box that holds plastic garbage bags was perfect to use to shape the bag after it was felted!

The pattern for this bag can be found in Knitter's Stash by Barbara Albright.


Sue said...

Beautiful bag! I love the pockets, too. I've had that book for years and now you have me thinking about trying one of these bags.

Robin said...

Thank you Sue!

AmyS said...

Very cool! Did you sew on the pockets before felting, or after? I really love how your bag turned out. Great job!