Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just wanted to post some pictures of the afghan I made and the shrug that's in progress using those size 50 needles. They are awkward and you need to use your crotch to help you use them but 10 rows netted me 9 inches already! They are the nunchucks of the knitter's world.

This is me! Yes, you finally get to see what I look like showing off those big needles. The sweater I am wearing was the first modular piece I knitted about 8 years ago. It's a Horst Shultz pattern that was sold through a store called teh Knitting Basket. I believe they were located in California. Modular Knitting has really grown since then. I also think the store went out of business. I hope I'm wrong!


Shelly said...

Robin, that sweater is to die for. Did you make that one too? That is one project I would definitely finish, the colors are gorgeous and I love the style. What pattern did you use?

AmyS said...

Robin, you're lovely! And I really like the sweater you're wearing - the colors are great. Your boys are gorgeous, too. And of course the infamous square holes sweater was well worth waiting for. You do good work!