Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Son Raided My Stash! Random Thoughts!

DS#2 learned how to weave on 4 straws in his art class. He loves doing it and has discovered one of my stashes which contains lots of worsted yarn, leftovers from projects and rejects. He was so cute the other day. He came into the kitchen with his arms full of yarn and asked me one by one if he could use it for his weaving. The only one I nixed was this pink merino I was saving for a scarf. I don't even know where I got them from, I think someone gave them to me after a knit-out. This yarn is so soft! His creation is over 3 feet long and I keep thinking to myself, "That IS my boy!"

I made this poor child come to the mall with me while I exchanged a gift someone got me from Bath and Body Works. She bought me bubble bath and body lotion in Cherry Blossom. It smelled like Pez to me. Also, when's the last time I took a bath? When's the last time I used bubble bath? (Not good for the female anatomy!) I found 2 different scents of shower gel but I got this weird memory while sniffing! Do you remember Love's Fresh Lemon? They also made Love's Baby Soft but I was a Lemon girl. I got this flashback of the yellow bottle with the white domed top. (or was it silver). I think that was my first perfume. Was it 7th or 8th grade? Such simpler times! Maybe that's why I'm attracted to citrusy scents. (one of the scents was Coconut Lime Verbena) Just had to share.

I haven't done any knitting this whole week. Well, my knitting was MIA but I found it. I was too tired to sit and figure out where I should be with my square holes sweater. I feel naked without it. Don't look!

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